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Your Creative Planning Aviation team adopts a comprehensive, financial planning-led approach with every client. We tailor our approach to your specific needs as you navigate United’s unique benefits package.

We are equipped and ready to assist with all aspects of your financial life. Whether you are navigating the challenges of your career, approaching your mandatory retirement age of 65, or ready to enjoy retirement to its fullest, we are ready to partner with you to provide trusted advice and customized solutions to guide you in making sound financial decisions.

United Pilot Retirement Account Plan (PRAP)

A key element of your financial plan is optimizing your United Pilot Retirement Account Plan (PRAP). We can partner with you and Charles Schwab through your Personal Choice Retirement Account (PCRA) as your professional investment manager and construct a portfolio tailored for your specific needs.

Expertise of our credentialed and experienced advisors

We will help chart your financial independence by applying the expertise of our credentialed and experienced advisors, which include CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners, certified public accountants, insurance specialists, attorneys.

Optimize your income and savings

Together, we will seek opportunities to optimize your income and savings to your PRAP and Retiree Health Account (RHA) and to maximize your current and future income sources, such as Social Security, rental income, or if you are a legacy Continental pilot, your frozen pension plan. Our risk management specialists will help ensure you and your family are properly protected by identifying and closing gaps in coverage. Our team of attorneys can design and implement estate planning strategies to meet your needs.

“Your wealth works harder when it works together.”

Peter Mallouk

President & CEO, Creative Planning

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