Investment management is the core of our services. With over $35 billion under management, all acquired primarily through referrals, our team has extensive experience managing money in both bull and bear markets. We do not experiment with our clients’ money, and we do not invest based on a hunch. For most of our clients, the focus is capital preservation followed by growth, but each client has different needs and unique circumstances. We analyze all aspects of a client’s current financial situation and desired outcomes prior to constructing a portfolio.

Creative’s investment committee focuses on cost-effective, after-tax results, recognizing that the only performance that matters is the kind a client actually receives. We are not married to any gimmick, such as putting 100% of a client’s money in mutual funds, exchange traded funds, or anything else. Our team specializes in a variety of approaches that include customized portfolios, alternative investments, fixed income strategies and options strategies.

Creative steadfastly refuses to offer proprietary funds because of the conflicts of interest that they create. As a registered independent advisor, Creative also serves as a fiduciary, a legal standard by which we must employ the highest standard of care when it comes to advising clients on their money.

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