Wealth Management for Pilots

As your trusted copilot, we’ll show you a richer way to wealth™ and help you chart a unique course toward financial freedom.

Wealth Management Done Right

There are no go-arounds or missed approaches when it comes to retirement planning. To increase the probability of reaching your financial goals over the course of your career, Creative Planning can take you to the next level.

As one of the nation’s largest independent registered investment advisors, we provide comprehensive wealth management that goes beyond what you receive for free from your brokerage firm and the Independent Pilots Association (IPA.)

We have extensive experience helping pilots weather financial air pockets along the route toward their financial goals.

We’ll help you navigate a host of industry-specific challenges, such as:

Mandatory Retirement at Age 65

Pension and Social Security Payments

Unique Airline Benefits Packages

Job-Specific Uncertainties

We can also advise you on a number of other financial matters, including:

Risk Management

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

Business Owner Services


Our Approach

We’ll help you navigate a balance between living a comfortable lifestyle today and working toward your long-term wealth accumulation, retirement and estate planning goals. Because we understand your journey doesn’t end at age 65, we’ll be there to support you throughout retirement and beyond with our comprehensive approach to income planning, asset protection, risk management and asset transfer.

Put simply, we’ll serve as a trusted co-pilot on your financial journey.

Our Team

At Creative Planning Aviation, we understand that when navigating toward the safety of financial independence, you need the type of autopilot-like support only a team of specialists can provide. That’s why we deliver a team of credentialed, educated, experienced and action-oriented advisors, including CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners, Certified Public Accountants, insurance specialists, attorneys and other professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We provide custom fiduciary advice that always puts your best interests first.

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Get Help Navigating the Complexities of Your Unique Benefits Package

In addition to helping you fully understand the complexities of your airline’s benefits package (including your 401(k) plan, healthcare savings plan and health, disability and life insurance programs), we can also assist you in designing and customizing a comprehensive plan to help you towards achieving your financial goals.

We are proud to serve pilots from many airlines, including:

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Atlas Air




Southwest Airlines





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