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Published On: May 3rd, 2021

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Up for Debate

Creative Planning’s Peter Mallouk and billionaire Mark Cuban have two bets going, with the winner determined by performance over the next 10 years. Peter put his money on the S&P 500, while Mark backed two cryptocurrencies and two individual stocks. Who will win? In this month’s podcast, Peter and co-host Jonathan Clements discuss the two wagers.

Hosted by Creative Planning Director of Financial Education, Jonathan Clements and President, Peter Mallouk this podcast takes a closer look into topics that affect investors. Included are in-depth discussions on financial planning issues, the economy and the markets. Plus, you won’t want to miss each of their monthly tips!

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Jonathan Clements: Hi, this is Jonathan Clements, Director of Financial Education at Creative Planning in Overland Park, Kansas. With me is Peter Mallouk, president of the firm, and we are Down The Middle. Cast your mind back to the start of 2008. Warren Buffet struck a bet with a hedge fund manager, with the winner determined by performance over the next 10 years. Buffett bet on the S&P 500, the hedge fund manager bet on a portfolio of five hedge funds. Over the next 10 years, Buffet and the S&P 500 won hands down. Well, guess what? We have another wager involving the S&P 500, and it involves my partner in crime, here on the podcast, our very own Peter Mallouk. On the other side of the bet is billionaire, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, and participant on the TV show, Shark Tank. This past week, Peter and Cuban ended up in a Twitter argument, and that led to not one