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All of the resources made available within the Education section of our Financial Wellness site are offered as a complimentary service to the employees of Children’s Mercy Hospital. For those employees and their family members who have a need for more in-depth and comprehensive wealth management services (typically $50,000 or more in investable assets), you will also be able to take advantage of the full range of services Creative Planning offers.

Please select the “Request A Meeting” button to connect with a Creative Planning representative to learn more. The initial consultation is complimentary.

Five Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan

And How to Start the Estate Planning Process Most people understand the importance of preparing an estate plan yet doing so can be an overwhelming task. However, there are important reasons why, regardless of your age or family situation, you should consider getting the process started sooner rather than later. For ...


Insights & Guidance From Our Leading Professionals

We believe that financial information, education and awareness are essential to everyone.

Donor-Advised Funds

Why this Charitable Giving Strategy is Gaining Popularity Among Physicians Charitable giving is an important part of our American culture. According to Giving USA, Americans donated $427.71 billion to U.S. Charities in 2018.1 In recently years, donor-advised funds (DAFs) have gained popularity ...

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