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The Advantages of Personal Financial Planning

Happy couple discovers the advantages of personal financial planning

5 Ways a Financial Plan Can Improve Your Outlook

Most people realize the importance of saving and investing for the future, but only 32% of Americans have a written financial plan in place to help them prioritize their goals and track their progress.1

If you’ve been putting off establishing a financial plan, you may want to reconsider. Following are five ways a comprehensive financial plan can help improve your financial outlook.

#1 – A financial plan serves as map to guide you toward achieving your financial goals.

One of the benefits of creating a personal financial plan is that it identifies and prioritizes your goals and objectives. Achieving major goals such as planning for retirement, paying for a child’s college education, making a large purchase, paying down debt, etc. requires focus and determination. A financial plan can guide your decision-making and coordinate the various elements of your financial life to help ensure they’re working together toward achieving your goals.

#2 – A financial plan can help you feel more confident about your future.

A study conducted by Charles Schwab indicated that 54% of people with a financial plan feel confident they’ll be able to reach their financial goals, yet only 18% of those without a plan have the same level of confidence.2

Creating a comprehensive financial plan to guide your decision-making can be a big step toward helping you feel more confident and in control of your financial future.

#3 – A financial plan can assist in protecting your family and managing your risk.

A comprehensive financial plan not only helps you build wealth but can also help you protect it. If not properly planned for, risks such as a medical emergency, an accident, a lawsuit or a natural disaster can quickly jeopardize everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

A thorough and well-designed financial plan will include personalized insurance and asset protection strategies to help protect your wealth and loved ones from unexpected risks.

#4 – A financial plan can guide your investment strategy.

Without a financial plan in place, it can be difficult to determine whether your investment strategy meets your ever-evolving needs and goals. Instead, a well-crafted plan recognizes that your investments play a crucial role in supporting you as you navigate the different stages of your financial life.

By having a financial plan in place, you can implement long-term investment strategies that allow you to take advantage of opportunities during periods of volatility while also protecting your assets against loss during market downturns.

#5 – A financial plan can assist you in leaving a financial legacy.

If your goals include leaving a financial legacy for the people and causes that matter most to you, it’s important to have a proper plan in place. Incorporating estate planning as part of your overall financial strategy can help ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes and in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Your financial plan can also help you identify opportunities to support charitable causes both during your lifetime and after your death, such as through a donor-advised fund or charitable trust.

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