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Why We Exist

Simply put, at Creative Planning we exist because the financial-advising industry is broken. We believe our service should be completely in your best interest, not ours. We can’t change Wall Street, but we can offer something different to like-minded investors. We are a nationally recognized leader in the wealth management community. Our financial advisors focus on providing clients with customized investment plans and comprehensive wealth management services.

Your customized financial plan

We believe a client’s portfolio must consider their current financial situation, risk tolerance and long-term goals. But it also must consider all the unique circumstances that apply to their life. Therefore, we’ve adopted a comprehensive, goals-based approach to portfolio management services. We work with individuals and institutions to design and manage customized financial portfolios that optimize the probability of success. And we’ve been doing that for more than 30 years.

Our portfolio management processes are tailored to provide the right investment mix that suits you. We believe your investment portfolio should be as unique as your DNA.

Our fiduciary guideposts

Many other firms receive compensation in the way of commissions, so buying and selling are encouraged regardless of how it impacts your financial plan. As fiduciaries, we are legally and ethically bound to always act in your best interest.

We take our roles as trusted advisors seriously. We will be there to guide you in selecting the right asset allocation and investment strategy, using techniques developed over multiple market cycles. Every day, we affirm our clients’ trust and confidence in our approach to personal finance by tailoring our strategic investment recommendations to their personal situation. Our goal is to help you plan for life events you expect and overcome those you don’t.

Working with us

Working with us will be different than with other Wall Street firms. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your plans and your goals well enough to achieve your retirement dreams.

Our relationship will be more of a warm partnership than a cold client-advisor relationship.
To us, you’re a human, not an account. Everything we do is based on your plans and needs. Would you like to be in contact frequently or on an “as needed” basis? We can work either way. Our flexibility and attention to personal detail distinguish us from the other, more corporate firms out there.

Your point of contact will be a seasoned advisor, but they won’t be working in a vacuum. They can leverage the capabilities of a team of experienced, credentialed specialists  in the areas of legal, tax, insurance, portfolio management or any other aspect of your wealth management plan. Whether your needs are large or small, Creative Planning has the in-house resources to provide the most comprehensive approach possible to managing your financial plan.

Get to know us, and you’ll discover how our approach is better. We look forward to meeting you!


At Creative Planning, our mission is to provide our clients with the best path to wealth accumulation, retention and transfer of assets. We do this by creating and implementing strategies tailored to their unique goals.

  • We are driven to provide our clients with uncluttered, professional advice that enhances their quality of life and leads to sustained and actionable solutions.
  • We offer thorough counsel on each client’s wealth management issues. Our goals are:
    • To provide clients with clarity
    • To educate
    • To make significant and tangible progress toward every client’s financial goals
  • We are our clients’ financial advocate. We strive to organize and simplify life in such a way that maximizes the family’s enjoyment of their wealth now and in the future.

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