Retirement Plans

Our team of specialists focuses on the four core areas of an effective 401(k) plan: Fiduciary Services, Investment Performance, Fees and Disclosure, and Employee Education.

Since 1982, Creative has been providing retirement planning solutions to its clients. As an independent investment firm, we are able to work with business clients to select and implement a ‘best fit’ 401(k) plan.

Our team of 401(k) advisors includes investment managers, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary┬«, and an attorney. The investment managers make the initial investment line up recommendations, implement the plan, and monitor the plan’s holdings, making recommended changes on an ongoing basis. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals work directly with your executives and employees, educating them on the benefits of the 401(k) plan, illustrating the importance of saving in the 401(k) plan, and serving as a year round resource for the plan participants. Our Accredited Investment Fiduciary┬« and attorney report to you every year, evaluating your plan to ensure it is compliant with ERISA laws and fiduciary standards.

With over $1 billion under management, Creative’s advisors have extensive experience delivering results. Our firm has been recognized nationally for their excellence in the wealth management arena.

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