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Business Tax

Providing innovative tax solutions that transform challenges into opportunities.

Comprehensive Tax Services to Meet Your Business Needs

Taxes are a common pain point for businesses because regulations are often complex and difficult to navigate. Developing a tax strategy that reduces tax exposure and adheres to changing tax laws requires a dedicated, strategic partner to make it happen. At Creative Planning, we're committed to understanding your business goals and the challenges you face while also maximizing every available opportunity to benefit your business.

We offer a comprehensive array of customizable tax services designed to meet your needs today and adjust as your needs change. Specific services include:

  • Accounting
  • State and Local Tax (SALT)
  • Tax Reform Initiatives
  • Tax Incentive Consulting
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The Power of Proactive Tax Guidance

In addition to helping you comply with current and changing tax law, we also collaborate with you to uncover ways to reduce your overall tax burden while planning for your future. And we'll provide you with valuable insights about your organization's financial health to strengthen your operations and help achieve your goals.

State and Local Taxes Simplified

State and local taxes have grown increasingly complicated, as each state and municipality has their own set of guidelines businesses must adhere to. To add to the complexity, state and local taxes also change frequently, making it hard for businesses to keep up.

Creative Planning helps businesses simplify their state and local tax filings by providing specialized advisory and support services to confirm processes are compliant. We stay on top of tax legislation so that sudden updates don't halt your operations.

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Tax Benefits Maximized

Is your business taking full advantage of tax incentives?

Incentive criteria ranges from state to state, so it can be hard to determine what options are available. Our tax incentive services take the guesswork out of applying. We have tax incentive specialists standing by to help you confirm the incentives your business qualifies for and complete the paperwork for you so that you can focus on other business activities. Save more time and increase your cash flow - contact us today to learn more about our tax incentive services.


At Your Service

At Creative Planning, we ask a lot of questions - then we listen. Where do you see your organization in three years? What obstacles do you need to overcome to achieve your goals? What's the biggest challenge facing your team? This process is how we become your partner when it comes to managing and optimizing your tax strategy.

The Creative Planning Difference

  • A full range of in-house tax services so that you can address multiple areas of your financial strategy
  • Continuous monitoring of changing tax legislation to ensure your processes are updated and accurate
  • Industry-leading expertise helping businesses operating in multiple states with their tax returns

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