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7 Lessons From Jack Bogle

Published on June 17, 2024

Charlie Bilello
Chief Market Strategist
Peter Mallouk
President & CEO
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Would you keep a 401k payout if you weren’t the intended beneficiary? Peter and Charlie share the story of a seven-figure signature and the lesson we can all learn from it in this episode of Signal or Noise. They also discuss seven key insights from the pioneer of index fund investing, “Saint” Jack Bogle, and provide data to help you navigate your investments during an election year.

Which financial headlines are signals of something bigger, and which are just noise you should tune out? Creative Planning Chief Market Strategist Charlie Bilello and President & CEO Peter Mallouk break down what’s happening in the markets and economy and let you know which headlines you should actually be paying attention to. Come for the approachable analysis and entertaining conversation. Stay for the sharp insights. Become a more informed investor.

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