Peter Mallouk As A Financial Advisor

As the President of Creative Planning and affiliated companies, Peter Mallouk, JD, MBA, leads a successful and fast-growing enterprise that delivers comprehensive wealth management services. Creative Planning manages over $75.6 billion in assets as of March 31, 2021, for clients in all 50 U.S. states and abroad. Peter’s companies provide comprehensive wealth management services to its clients, including investment management, financial planning, charitable planning, retirement plan consulting, tax, and estate planning services.

Mallouk, a lawyer as well as a financial advisor, has been featured in Barron’s as one of the ‘Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors in America,’ having won the award for three consecutive years (2013-2015). In addition, he appeared twice on Worth magazine’s ’Power 100’, featuring the most powerful men and women in global finance (2017 & 2018).

Mallouk owes his success to his beginnings as an estate planning attorney, supporting advisors at various brokerage houses and independent firms. In that role, Mallouk observed that most advisors were only focused on gross investment returns and paid little heed to taxes or to helping clients achieve specific financial goals. He also saw a conflict of interest when advisors charged investment commissions on in-house investments.

That unique perspective led him to a business plan that emphasizes limiting costs, minimizing taxes and delivering consistent investment performance through a rigorous asset selection process. Mallouk’s approach focuses on the amount of money his clients keep after fees and taxes, as opposed to focusing on gross returns. To do that, he strives to keep portfolio turnover – and its attendant fees and taxes – as low as possible.

Not one for conventional wisdom, Mallouk dismisses investment legend John Bogle’s rule of thumb that investors should subtract their age from 100 to determine their appropriate equity allocation. Instead, he believes that a wealthy person in his or her 70s should have an allocation based on their future income needs, which could go on for decades, rather than on age alone. On the other hand, a 45-year-old who can’t stomach stock market volatility may be better off with a significant allocation to bonds.

Mallouk’s company, Creative Planning, has also been recognized for excellence in the financial industry. Company accolades include:

  • Barron’s No. 1 Independent Wealth Management Firm in America (2017)
  • CNBC’s “No. 1 Wealth Management Firm in America” in back-to-back years (2014-15)
  • Financial Times’ “Top RIA List” (2014-20)

A nationally recognized financial industry thought-leader, Mallouk is a prolific public speaker, financial news influencer and is the best-selling author of The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them: Getting Investing Right, and co-author of Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook and The Path: Accelerating Your Journey to Financial Freedom.

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