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Financial Planning

When to Take Social Security

…to begin taking Social Security earlier. If you are able to cover your monthly income requirements from other accounts, it might make sense to delay taking Social Security. 3. Your…

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Social Security for Divorced Spouses

…financial challenges, one of which is determining eligibility for Social Security benefits. The following rules apply to the division of Social Security following a divorce. Eligibility You may be eligible…

Down the Middle

When to Claim Social Security

Social Security is age 62. The prevailing belief out there is that you should claim Social Security as early as possible, and yet all the experts say that is typically…

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5 Taxes to Be Aware of in Retirement

…withdrawn tax free. There are no RMDs for owner Roth accounts (however, RMDs are required for inherited Roth IRAs). 2. Social Security taxes If Social Security is your only source…

Social Security Benefits Calculator

Social Security Benefits Calculator Your Social Security benefits can be estimated based on your current age, average annual income and expected retirement age. Use our Social Security benefits calculator to…


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