Expat Tax Strategies

Smart tax planning-based strategies to help you navigate taxes as an American abroad.

Minimize Your Tax Burden and Maximize Your Potential Returns

Tax laws vary from country to country, making it difficult for Americans abroad to develop an effective expat tax strategy.

At Creative Planning International, your wealth manager optimizes your financial plan and investment portfolio to keep taxes to a minimum while staying compliant with relevant tax laws.

Integrating International Tax Strategies With Your Custom Portfolio and Plan

Cross-Border Tax Strategies

Tax-Optimized Portfolios

Retirement Planning

Tax Compliance


Proactive Tax Planning Strategies

Tax laws are complicated, constantly moving targets, especially when you factor in cross-border planning strategies. That’s why we employ wealth managers with deep experience navigating international tax legislation.

We integrate custom tax guidance with your financial plan and portfolio. Every decision we make on your behalf takes into consideration any potential tax implications. This approach helps ensure all aspects of your financial life are working together to help you make the most of your wealth.

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Minimize Taxes From Your Portfolio

No matter where you live, poor investment tax management can seriously hamper your long-term investment success. Portfolios with high turnover not only incur high commission and trading expenses but also trigger the taxation of capital gains earlier and at higher rates.

We seek to deploy stable, low-turnover portfolios that defer taxation and benefit from low long-term capital gains rates. These portfolios generally produce better after-tax returns than a fund that performs equally well on a pre-tax basis but has high turnover.

Make the Most of Your Retirement Savings

Americans working abroad must proactively learn how to employ IRAs, Roth IRAs and SEPs in parallel to retirement accounts in their country of residence to round out their long-term financial plan for retirement.

We help expats optimize the tax advantages of these accounts by understanding the tax treatment of each in their country of residence, then strategically allocating investments among taxable, tax-deferred and tax-exempt accounts.

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Avoid Common Expat Tax Mistakes

At Creative Planning International, we help expats report foreign investment income, file tax treaty claims and navigate complex U.S. tax laws, such as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
Our expat tax advisors can help ensure you’re in compliance with U.S. tax law — freeing up more time for you to enjoy the adventure of living abroad.

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