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The Standard Deduction®

A Tax Podcast with Candace Varner, Ben Hake & Peter Mallouk

The Standard Deduction podcast is hosted by Creative Planning President Peter Mallouk along with Tax Directors, Candace Varner and Ben Hake. This podcast is a thoughtful, informed discussion about ideas, trends and developments in taxes related to personal wealth management.

Our mission is to educate and inspire people to make better financial choices through knowledge, tools and strategies that ensure a more prosperous future. We believe that education and planning are key components to financial success. Come explore relevant financial topics with our team..

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Tax Legislation Proposal Changes: Life Comes at You Fast

While Congress seems to be actively trying to make their podcast episodes obsolete as quickly as possible, Tax Directors Candace Varner and Ben Hake nevertheless tackle the latest changes to tax legislation proposals. They cover what’s now in, what’s now out, what’s been modified, and why they have reason to be optimistic that someone at the IRS might eventually read their letters and answer their calls.