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Down the Middle®

Financial Markets & Investment Philosophy Podcast with Jonathan Clements & Peter Mallouk

Creative Planning President, Peter Mallouk and Director of Financial Education, Jonathan Clements’ Down the Middle is a monthly podcast series where Peter Mallouk and Jonathan Clements discuss recent market events, Creative Planning investment philosophy, give monthly tips and more.

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The Financial Lessons of 2021

In this episode, Peter Mallouk and Jonathan Clements reflect on what we’ve learned this year about inflation, bonds, stock performance, NFTs and other newly popular investments. Perhaps the biggest lesson of all is you can’t guess the short-term direction of either the markets or politicians. For their monthly tips, they offer advice on using appreciated stock for your charitable gifts and why you should let your family know the reason for any monetary gifts you give them for the holidays.

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Today’s Retro Investor Worry: Stagflation

In this episode, Peter Mallouk and Jonathan Clements discuss why our current economic environment is not a throwback to OPEC and disco, offer their opinions about how increasing legal immigration could alleviate the shortage of workers in many industries, and why the evolving tax and legislative landscape means you may want to talk with your wealth manager before year-end.

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