Peter Mallouk As An Author

As the President of Creative Planning and affiliated companies, Peter Mallouk, JD, MBA, leads teams that deliver comprehensive wealth management services. These include private wealth management, financial planning, investment management, insurance planning, estate planning and trust administration, and retirement planning services.

A highly sought-after industry thought-leader, Mallouk is also the author of the book The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them: Getting Investing Right. In it, Mallouk focuses on the mistakes that investors often make that block their paths to financial success.

In The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them, Mallouk describes in lay terms how to understand and manage the always-fluid variables and market challenges that can make investing a risky and intimidating enterprise.

Mallouk also provides an effective and functional structure for investors. The book:

  • Encourages readers to rethink negative reactions like fighting the market, misunderstanding performance and letting one’s biases and emotions get in the way of investing success.
  • Details the major mistakes made by professional and everyday investors.
  • Highlights the strategies and mindset necessary for navigating ever-changing variables and market dilemmas.
  • Includes useful investment techniques and discusses the importance of discipline in investment management.

In addition to writing books, Mallouk regularly provides his perspective, opinion pieces and trend articles for important financial publications and online news outlets such as and CNBC, and is a frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business and Nightly Business Report.

Mallouk is also the co-author of Unshakeable and The Path: Accelerating Your Journey to Financial Freedom, and frequently publishes insights within our Education section.

“Peter Mallouk provides some of the most straightforward and easily understandable investment insights out there.”

Inc. magazine

“[In The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them: Getting Investing Right], Peter offers a lively description of the common mistakes investors make in their quest to beat the market. Avoiding these pitfalls and following an informed, disciplined approach can improve the odds of a positive investment outcome.”

David G. Booth, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dimensional Fund Advisors