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Saint Luke’s Health System is co-sponsoring the Pooled Investment Program (PIP, or Program) with Creative Planning, Inc. to promote financial health and wellbeing for employees and their families. There is no obligation for employees to enroll and no cost to Saint Luke’s to co-sponsor the Program.


About Creative Planning

Creative Planning is an independent registered financial advisor that provides “best in class” expertise in wealth management, tax management, estate planning, wills, trusts, insurance / risk management and more. A team of experts including CPA’s, lawyers, risk managers, wealth managers and others may be assigned and work collaboratively with employees to construct a comprehensive and customized plan for their financial health and well-being.


The minimum investment is $500,000. Employees may include immediate family members and legal spouses in the Program. Details on PIP and frequently asked questions (FAQ) are available below. If you are ready to request a meeting, click to get started below.




Frequently Asked Questions

How does PIP work?

Creative Planning requires five or more new clients from Saint Luke’s to commence PIP. The minimum number of participants is necessary to address the administrative and operational requirements of onboarding new clients. While PIP is tailored to employees who meet the minimum $500,000 threshold, Creative Planning, on a firm-wide basis however, accepts clients investing a minimum of $50,000.

Who is Creative Planning?

Creative Planning is an independent registered investment advisory firm headquartered in the Kansas City metropolitan area. In existence for more than 30 years, it manages more than $47 billion of clients’ assets as of January 2020. Creative Planning has clients in all 50 states and abroad and offices in 27. Nationwide, it employ more than 600 individuals, of whom approximately half are based locally.

Is Creative Planning a fiduciary?

Yes, we are a pure fiduciary. We neither own proprietary products, nor retain clients’ assets. We have custodial relationships with TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab where clients’ assets are maintained and managed by us. Our wealth managers neither receive commissions nor compensation for product sales or recommendations.

Who are Creative Planning’s clients?

Clients range from the ultra-wealthy to the emerging wealthy. Some clients have hundreds of millions of dollars invested with us while others have far less. The minimum investment criterion on a firm-wide basis is $50,000.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply visit the website dedicated to Saint Luke’s Health System’s- creativeplanning.com/partner/saintlukes. Here, you will find a few simple questions to complete and request a meeting. You will also find contact information for your assistance. Once your completed questionnaire is received, Creative Planning will contact you to set up your first appointment. You may also use the contact information to raise any questions or clarify the process. There is no obligation or fees to get started.

Why is PIP’s minimum investment $500,000?

Employees with this investment amount are more likely to have complex financial needs and require more comprehensive planning, strategies and solutions. Creative Planning excels in this capacity. Our expertise is centered on delivering sustainable financial health and wellbeing to all clients.

Who else may participate in PIP?

PIP focuses on delivering “best in class” financial services and encourages participation from immediate family members and legal spouses. We believe financial health and wellbeing should extend to the entire family.

What does PIP participation entitle me to?

As a PIP participant, you will be entitled to comprehensive financial planning from a multidisciplinary team of experts. Creative Planning is a one-stop experience for tax planning and preparation, legal services surrounding estate plans, wills, trusts, wealth management and more. We have an exceptionally high level of client satisfaction and retention.

What if I don’t have $500,000 to invest?

Employees with $50,000 or more to invest are encouraged to invest with Creative Planning. These employees will enjoy all the services and expertise of the firm along with the opportunity to participate in PIP when their assets reach $500,000 or more.

To invest with Creative Planning outside of PIP, simply go to creativeplannig.com/partner/saintlukes and complete the required fields. If you have any questions, or need to speak to someone in person, you will find contact information there.

Will the level of my investment determine how I am treated?

No. Regardless of investment level, all clients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect and enjoy access to a full array of our services and capabilities.

What’s the Benefit of PIP to Saint Luke’s?

Creative Planning is offering comprehensive financial planning to Saint Luke’s employees at no cost or additional administrative requirements to the System. Employees ineligible for PIP are still eligible for Creative Planning with a minimum of $50,000.

Why would Saint Luke’s promote PIP?

(A) to promote one of its key values of providing financial health and wellbeing to employees;
(B) to partner with a “best in class” financial advisor; and
(C) to broaden its benefits offering at no cost or obligation to the institution.

Will my assets be comingled with our employees?

No. Each individual’s financial plan will be specific to the employee’s goals and objectives, and not the group’s.

Will my investment information be shared with others?

No. All client information will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with Saint Luke’s, other participants or family members in the program whose assets are separately managed. If we are required by law to release confidential information, then we will comply within the meaning of the law.

What if I have investments at Fidelity, Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade?

No problem. Creative Planning can manage your assets on these platforms by simply having you sign the necessary transfer documents. Creative Planning has an institutional relationship with these firms and can manage your assets including retirement plan without requiring you to move assets.

What are the fees?

Fees are competitive and transparent. Below are standard annual rates for individual clients. Through PIP, employees may be entitled to discounted fees based on program activity.


1.2% on first $500,000
1.0% on assets of $500,001-$2,000,000
0.85% on assets of $2,000,002- $5,000,000
0.80% on assets of $5,000,001- $10,000,000
0.70% on assets of $10,000,001- $25,000,000
0.40% on assets of $25,000,001- $50,000,000
0.30% on assets of $50,000,001- $75,000,000
0.25% on assets of $75,000,001- $100,000,000

What services does Creative Planning offer?

Our financial planning services are comprehensive and holistic, yet constructed specifically to meet each individual’s needs. Services may include the following and more:

  1. Organization and assessment
  2. Education planning
  3. Insurance planning
  4. Investments
  5. Estate planning
  6. Retirement planning
  7. Long-term care
  8. Debt management
  9. Tax planning
  10. Life events

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