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How an LLC Can Protect Business Sale Proceeds

April 5, 2023
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Why the End of the Business Shouldn’t Be the End of the LLC

If you own and have been operating a small business or rental property, you’re already aware the whole reason to have a limited liability company (LLC) is to legally separate your business assets from your personal assets. But have you considered implementing an LLC to protect your assets following the sale of your business?

Why it matters

Following the sale of your business, you’ll likely have significant assets. Because you’ll need these to fund your lifestyle and provide a legacy for your loved ones, it’s important to protect assets from creditors and unexpected lawsuits. If the proceeds from the sale of your business are held in your name, they may be vulnerable. Here are some benefits of establishing an LLC for business sale proceeds:

  • Judgment against the LLC – Any judgment against the LLC may result in the seizure of assets from the LLC. Creating a legal separation means your personal assets are protected.
  • Personal creditors – On the flip side, when properly drafted, the provisions of an LLC can help prevent any personal creditors of LLC members from seizing LLC assets.
  • Bankruptcy – If the LLC files for bankruptcy, its members are not required to use personal assets to cover the company’s debts.
  • Legacy planningNot only can an LLC help you protect and control assets during your lifetime, but it can also keep assets in the family after you die, all while reducing your loved ones’ tax liability. When children and other family members are designated as non-managing members of the LLC, any assets transferred to them after your death are eligible for a valuation discount of up to 40%. This allows you to transfer more assets to your heirs without hitting the gift tax exclusion limit.

Tips for increased protection

If you decide to establish an LLC to protect business sale proceeds, take the following steps to maximize that protection.

  • Run the LLC as an independent entity – This means keeping LLC financial records separate from your personal assets. Manage the LLC as a business, not an extension of your personal wealth.
  • Consider a trust for personal assets – To further protect your personal assets, consider holding them in a trust.
  • Maintain proper insurance – Insurance provides an important level of protection for both personal and business assets, so it’s important to maintain adequate coverage.

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