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The Top 100 Wealth Advisors 2006

Creative Planning
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September 27, 2016
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The Top 100 Wealth Advisors

Worth Magazine 2006

Answering the Calls. The day the October issue of Worth hits the newsstands, our editors usually try to be out of town. The phones at our offices in New York and Los Angeles begin to trill ominously with calls from unhappy advisors who failed to make the Top 100 Advisors list. We also get letters, calls and emails from investors who want to fire their current advisors and sign up with someone new, and from others who wish to cancel their subscriptions because we somehow failed to appreciate the brilliant financial wizard currently in their employ. We hear from Ivy-educated, urban uberadvisors whose returns lagged behind leading indices, and from small-town, modestly credentialed advisors whose portfolios soared—and vice versa…

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