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January 01, 2021

David Kuenzi is acknowledged as a leading expert on international investing and financial planning for American expatriates. He has been a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal on expat finance issues. His writings have also appeared in the International Adviser Magazine, International Investment, and Emerging Money. Furthermore, Mr. Kuenzi has been interviewed and widely quoted by the Economist, the BBC, CNN, CNBC, CNBC Europe, Bloomberg, Reuters, Business Week, and NPR, Financial Planning Magazine among many others.

Retiring to a sunny foreign vacation spot was the American dream. Now the coronavirus is forcing some expats to come back.

The Washington Post

Buy America

Retiring abroad: Consider taxes, health insurance, banking, and other factors
Consumer Reports

Index inclusion of Chinese bonds will globalise RMB FinanceAsia

The Perils of Bequeathing Money to Family Overseas
The Globe and Mail

Explore the World as a Roving Retiree

Inheriting Property Overseas Can Be a Dream Come True, but It Comes With Challenges
The Washington Post

New Rules for Offshore Accounts
The Wall Street Journal

Fidelity Bans U.S. Investors Overseas From Buying Mutual Funds
The Wall Street Journal

Six Financial Mistakes People Make When Retiring Abroad
The Wall Street Journal

Why More Americans Are Renouncing U.S. Citizenship

Why Are Americans giving up their citizenship?

Expatriate Americans Break Up With Uncle Sam to Escape Tax Rules
The Wall Street Journal

Tough tax rules see expats ditch their US passports CNBC

Explore the World as a Roving Retiree

Retiring Abroad: Pitfalls of Paradise

Why the rich are ditching their home country

What FATCA Did to American Bank Customers in Switzerland
PRI’s The World

3 Factors to Consider When Using College Savings Abroad
U.S. News and World Report

Brynner’s Tax Spat Augurs Rush to Give Up U.S. Passports

How Cross-Border Investors Can Manage Their Money Better
Goldstein on Gelt

Legal Tax Loopholes for Offshore Investors
The Wall Street Journal

Overtax and over there
The Economist

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