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Sets Us Apart

“Creative Planning is at the vanguard of a profound shift in finance.”
-The New York Times*


“Creative Planning, a family office for all.”


How We're Different

At Creative Planning, our methodology is what sets us apart from other wealth management firms. We believe your portfolio must not only consider your current financial situation and long-term goals but also the unique circumstances in your life. We work with individuals and institutions to design and manage customized financial portfolios that optimize the probability of success. And we’ve been doing that for more than 30 years.

Our Comprehensive, Financial Planning-Led Approach

Many advisors talk about customization; for us, it means something different. We do not believe that simply putting you in a model portfolio based on your risk tolerance or age is enough. For an advisor to truly design an appropriate portfolio, the advisor needs to understand your goals, such as future income needs or the desire to leave a legacy to the next generation. The advisor must also consider the significance of all your assets and available income sources – such as real estate, Social Security and pensions – as well as the expected impact of income and estate taxes, both today and in the future. At Creative Planning, we evaluate all of these elements and much, much more before we recommend a single investment.

Every recommendation we make is based solely on helping you achieve your personal goals.
At Creative Planning, we:

  • Do not offer proprietary mutual funds or hedge funds, thus avoiding a significant conflict of interest. We only select investment vehicles from the available universe of securities that are considered best-in-class for our client’s needs, so our compensation is the same regardless of which investments we recommend.
  • Can coordinate financial planning, estate planning, investment management and risk management, all in-house.
  • Assign you a comprehensive advisory team with a strong business background, including degrees in business, finance and economics, plus MBAs and law degrees. You wouldn’t hire a doctor who didn’t have a medical degree, and you should expect your advisory team to be educated and properly credentialed as well. Your team will include a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner (CFP®), a certified public accountant (CPA) and an estate planning attorney.
  • Have a legal affiliate that has drafted over 12,000 estate plans review your estate planning documents. Estate and tax planning are critical components of wealth management, so we have delivered a comprehensive and holistic approach to money management and financial planning for decades. Because it’s not just about what you earn on your portfolio but what you keep after taxes.
  • Will respond to your questions promptly.

We put our money where our advice is

We take our roles as trusted advisors seriously. We use strategies and techniques developed over multiple market cycles. We don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. Every day, we affirm our clients’ trust and confidence in our approach to personal finance.

We will never recommend a product that we wouldn’t invest our own money in.

Our investment portfolio recommendations are tailored to your personal situation. We will be there to guide you in selecting the right asset allocation and investment strategy for your needs. Our goal is to help you not only make the right decisions in the short term but also help you realize your long-term goals.

You’re more than just a client

Your experience working with us will be different than what you’ve had with other firms. We see you more as a partner than a client. You’ll have a seasoned wealth management advisor as your day-to-day contact, one who will always be available to discuss investment strategies, answer questions or connect you with the appropriate subject-matter expert on your team for the best possible advice.

But don’t just take our word for it

We’ve been honored to receive recognition from industry experts:

  • Barron’s “No. 1 Independent Wealth Management Firm in America” (2017). This is an exclusive ranking of the top 30 independent advisory firms that represent the shifting landscape of the advice business. Learn More
  • CNBC’s “No. 1 Independent Wealth Management Firm in America” for the only two years ever released (2014 and 2015). Learn More
  • Boomer Market Advisor’s “Boomer Market Advisor of the Year” (2008) to our President, Peter Mallouk. He shares the keys to his success in addressing the needs of Boomer clients here.
  • The “No. 1 Independent Financial Advisor in America” on a list of the top independent financial advisors as identified by Barron’s. Peter Mallouk is the only advisor to be recognized in the No. 1 spot for three consecutive years (2013-15). The ranking reflects the volume of assets overseen by the advisors and their teams, revenue generated for the firms and the quality of the advisors’ practices.

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