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Published On: April 30th, 2019

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Think You Know What You’re Invested In? Think Again.

Description: Hosted by Creative Planning Director of Financial Education, Jonathan Clements and President, Peter Mallouk this month’s podcast takes a closer look into surprises clients encounter as Creative Planning onboards assets recommended by former advisors. Included is an in-depth discussion on suitability standards, used by most of the large brokerage houses compared to the fiduciary standard, used by Creative Planning all the time! Plus, you won’t want to miss each of their monthly tips! Join us as we explore tax law updates, tax planning strategies and ways to avoid surprises from purchasing investment products!

Time Stamps[0:00] –What are some of the things Peter Mallouk notices when brining on assets from other advisors?[3:53] – Fiduciary standard. What does that mean?[8:36] – Tax planning & tax law changes[14:17] – Peter Mallouk tip of the month[15:11] – Jonathan Clements tip of the month