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Published On: December 2nd, 2019

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What We’ve Learned in 2019

Time Stamps: 

[0:00] – What’s going on in Great Britain?

[1:15] – The escalating Private Equity market

[5:15] – How REITs can rule in real estate investing

[7:25] – Why the time may be right for a Roth IRA conversion

[10:00] – Tax-impacting moves to make by December 31 – Don’t Delay!

[11:10] – Strategic uses for a Donor Advised Fund

[12:10] – Why not to miss your IRA’s full annual Required Minimum Distribution

[13:00] – How a Qualified Charitable Distribution can be a difference-maker at tax time

[13:50] – Using non-performing assets to your advantage

[14:10] – The risk associated with making a late-year, large-sum mutual fund investment

[15:05] – Peter Mallouk’s tip of the month

[17:05] – Jonathan Clements’ tip of the month

Hosted by Creative Planning Director of Financial Education, Jonathan Clements and President, Peter Mallouk this podcast takes a closer look into topics that affect investors. Included are in-depth discussions on financial planning issues, the economy and the markets. Plus, you won’t want to miss each of their monthly tips!

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