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Published On: February 15th, 2019

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Welcome to Down the Middle

Hosted by Director of Financial Education, Jonathan Clements and President, Peter Mallouk this month’s podcast explores the recent shift in stock market pricing and what is on the mind of many Creative Planning clients. Is the market too expensive to join now? Included is a review of why investing only in what you know might hurt you in the long run. Plus, you won’t want to miss each of their monthly tips! Join us as we explore how Jack Bogle changed the industry and lessons to improve your own investing strategies!

Time Stamps

0:00 – Welcome to Down the Middle

1:15 – What is on the mind of Creative Planning clients; what are they worrying about?

1:54 – Recent market shifts. What’s going on here?

3:49 – Are stocks too expensive?

7:18 – Why is my portfolio not invested in all US Large Cap stocks?

12:37 – Jack Bogle

18:00 – Peter Mallouk Monthly Tip

18:52 – Jonathan Clements Monthly Tip