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While the term ‘Big Brother’ may now be associated more with reality TV than George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’, our lives have increasingly become one big pool of data analysis that someone else can use to monitor us.

Phones. Wearable watches and health monitors. Internet-connected home monitoring systems, refrigerators, and vehicles. The someone else who is accessing our information can be anyone from the government to various companies to family to people we don’t even know.1

And spoiler alert: The people that are tracking us don’t always have the best intentions.

Government agencies, like the NSA; and private companies, like or, collect tons of data every day, simply by tracking mobile phone activity, internet browsing activity, and credit card transactions. It’s all out there and it’s being used. Criminals don’t need a master’s degree in undercover work to figure out when you are home, your travel patterns, or how to best steal or h