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Tips for Prioritizing Your Spending

If you, like me, take time to meditate, you may agree that it is a tedious journey. However, if you can string together enough days of mindfulness, the effects are real. Every day, I make an effort to start with the meditation mantra, “clear away and bring forward.” This mantra reminds me to start my day with intention, and it can be infused into every aspect of daily life. Think intentionally, speak with intent and use time with intention. Taking this one step further, spend with intention. Or, more specifically, build a framework on the meaning behind how you spend money and, through that process, identify your personal spending values.

In building this framework, it can be helpful to identify your spending priorities. Much like Maslow’s Pyramid,1 you can build your spending framework by starting with basic needs and moving through various stages as you progress toward your financial goals. The idea is that the higher up the hierarchy you go, the more you create a better version of your life.