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It seems there’s no shortage of worthwhile information out there; the problem is finding the time to track it down and then read it. We try to curate the best of that information and make it easily available through our blog, frequently offered by our very own Peter Mallouk. We also communicate our thoughts on various financial issues throughout the year via presentations, in-person meetings, calls, emails and newsletters.

By Peter Mallouk

It was a great first half of the year for both the stock and bond markets. While there is always a myriad of factors that drive returns in various asset classes, the strong market has been driven largely by macro1 factors, and specifically, interest rates.

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But I Have a Will – I Didn’t Think My Estate Would Require Probate?

There is a common misconception that if you have executed a Last Will and Testament, probate will not be required to transfer your assets to your intended beneficiaries upon your death.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.   In fact, a Last Will and Testament requires that the probate of your estate occurs upon your death in order for that to happen. 

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Children with Special Needs – Planning for the Future

While a child brings so much joy to your life, a child also comes with serious and complex financial concerns. This is especially true with a special needs child where the costs of necessary medical care may be significant. 

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Bet on the Humans

It was the early 1980s and we—six children total, all teenagers or in our early 20s—were gathered at my mother and stepfather’s house for a family dinner.“But the economy is built on sand,” insisted one of my older brothers.

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Alternative Investments

 It is not uncommon for a friend, family member, neighbor or old classmate to reach out with a “can’t miss, you gotta get in on the ground floor” opportunity. These opportunities can range from being a part of a new business venture, a real estate opportunity or a type of loan to name just a few.

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